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Tuesday, April 14, 2009



my first tutubi (dragonfly) shot! yay! we went to Botanical gardens for an ocular for a planned field trip. the closest that i can get because one more step and i will definitely fall on the pond! :D this cute creature reminds me most of my childhood memories as i used to chase and catch this tutubing kalabaw and tutubing karayom (really getting old! :D).


  1. wow very red naman tutubi. they remind me of my childhood too.

  2. Maria sarap maghabol nito sa damuhan diba?

  3. Yan, ngayon palang ako nakakita ng close-up Tutubi LOL.

    Nice shot, really red nga.

    I haven't experienced chasing those. In my Elementary days, the students did but I was an introvert that time so.. LOL.

  4. i catch them too! tapos tatanggalin yung pakpak. i'm bad!!! i enjoy seing the dragonflies na magkadikit. symepre i didn't know they were mating pala. hehe

  5. Ayra hahaha! kindly check Sue's blog, she's one of the best i know for insect macros.

    you should have tried, it's really fun. until now whenever i see dragonflies i try to catch them. sarap ng feeling!

    Reena hahaha! ganun din kami before, mga brutal sa tutubi! aha! watcher ka pala ng insect porn ha! hehehe!

  6. nice capture of tutubi! I had a shot of tutubi when I grabbed it with my hand but that shot was taken only from a P&S cam.

  7. Missy thanks! was it posted in your blog? patingin naman! :D


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