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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

x-men origins:wolverine


yes, the title is correct :D i have just seen the movie today as it is the first day of showing here and i couldn't wait until the public holiday to watch this. and i have no regrets! yes, i love love love love love love the movie! i'm so satisfied with the action scenes. and i most especially love the raw emotions between logan and victor. added bonus, logan escaped in his birthday suit. hahaha! and wait for someone making a cameo appearance. :D did i say i love the movie?! :D
this was the full moon last month. for those wondering how i do moon shots, here's my tip. try to manipulate the shutter speed of your camera if it's possible. i use a fast shutter speed although it would always depend on my liking how fast should it be. make sure to focus on the moon, zoom in and if possible stay away from bright artificial lights. i am not sure how to do it using a point and shoot camera but maybe if you try the "sports" scene/mode, it might work. hopefully this helps if you want to try moon shots. :D and yes, the moon is connected to the movie. please do watch it if you're interested why! :)


  1. wow nice shot again!!! hmmm it reminds me naman of "lobo" teleserye hehehe, I never watched x-men na yan kaya di ko kilala sinasabi mo hehehe....di bale makikilala ko rin sila hahaha

  2. i'm not suire if i would like to watch this movie. hehe...wala kasi akong ka-date. hahaha...

    i thihnk i'm more excited with the angels and demons. :)

    but i still ove this moon shot! :)

  3. Missy thanks! hahaha! try to think of hugh jackman and you'll understand why! never ko naman napanood ang "lobo". pero oo nga, awwoooo!!!! lol!

    Reena thanks! i've been waiting for this movie since last year pa. and i did watch this alone. kelangan first day andun agad ako (after work).

    and yes, i am excited din with angels and demons, that will be shown two weeks from now. ganda ng trailer eh. ang dami magandang movies this summer!

  4. This shot is just amazing!!!!! WOW

  5. wow, i am so looking forward to seeing this movie ;-)

  6. Hi Syel. :)

    This shot is beautiful! I like it.

    And yes, Wolverine was really good!


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