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Thursday, July 16, 2009

sky watch Friday #36

it's my fave day again! Sky Watch day! i misplaced my card reader somewhere in my 'snakepit' hence i had to dig up from my 'chest' for a sky photo. luckily i found this. i just love the silhouette of the buildings here. time to check for amazing skies again! have a happy weekend everyone!!!!

i have also seen Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince tonight. i will be posting my reaction about the movie tomorrow night. just one thing...."i heart draco malfoy!" hahaha! and yes, i am definitely a Potter fan! :D


  1. I am a Potter fanatic too. Unfortunately, the luxury of seeing the movie in its first day first hour or even first week of showing is not possible. I have to wait. Too busy with moving to have time to watch right now.

    Oh you have this image lying around somewhere? Poor you! :=D

  2. Fantastic! OMG! the colors are brilliant and the perfect backdrop for the skyline!

  3. Wow I just love that red glow and the building silhouettes, awesome photo.

    Have a great weekend
    Regina In Pictures

  4. WOW, the sky is burning!!! Well done!!

    Have a nice SWF

    GReatings from NL

  5. Fantastic shot!
    Amazing colors.

    Happy weekend! :)

  6. Very, very cool shot! It looks like that city is buzzing!

  7. napanood ko na rin kahapon..

    hindi masyadong natuon sa half blood prince ang kwento..

    mas malaki ang participation ni draco

  8. I love the silhouette....nice shot! I haven't watched the Harry Potter movie yet but I will :-) soon hehehe

  9. The sky is stunning. The red colour is quite truculent for me, but still it is my favourite:-)
    And I am definitely Harry Potter fan. I haven´t seen the last movie yet, but I am looking forward to it desperately:-)

  10. Syel,

    There is an award waiting for you to pick up over at my site.

  11. wow, parang painting lng ah. :)


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