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Saturday, July 25, 2009

white flowers


i'm still experiencing technical glitch with my blog. i've checked the settings, clicked everything that needs to be clicked and yet no change. i'm sure it's not because of the new template since i'm having this before i changed it. gggrrrr!!!! i still couldn't see the proper compose mode where i can see all the icons! argghhh!!!


by the way, i would like to thank Maria for her award!!!! thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! and i hope you've watched Harry Potter!!! :D


  1. Hmm...something's different and new with this blog.Hehe... Hey, that lower loks familiar. Sa tabi-tabi mo lng ba napulot yan? Hahaha..Parang i used to pick out those ind of flowers as a kid sa tabi ng sapa.


  2. :D para kanino kaya ang flower na yan..:D

  3. Reena ayos ba? hindi ko napulot sa tabi tabi pero pasimple kong kinunan sa may blk malapit sa school ko. pero medyo tama ka tumutubo ung flower sa may water area

    Panjo para kay....:D

  4. syel ano name naman ng flower na yan? hehehe ang ganda ng picture huh! and looks like new lens ang gamit mo hehehe, yun isa kong laptop di ako makapag comment din eh....sana ok na yun sa'yo at wala ng glitch

  5. This is macro at its most spectacular.

  6. This is a very lovely shot of the flower. I really like it a lot. Very well composed, and the colours are great!

    Alex's World! -

  7. Maria supposedly, thank you image for you but since i am having a problem posting new entries, i skipped this entry. i'll post another one for you! :D

    Alex thanks for the visit! will drop by to your blog soon! :)

  8. Sardonyx, Missy thanks! nope ung isang lens ang gamit ko. di ko magamay ung bago eh. hopefully naayos ko na at medyo sumakit ang ulo ko for the past two weeks! :)


express yourself :D and a big thanks!!!!

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