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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

first quarter! :D

hopefully, i was able to manage the glitch. i've been searching high and low for this. crossing my fingers that this would really work now. :D
i was supposed to post this since Sunday night but since i am having technical glitches with my blog, i am just posting it now. well, i'm presenting my latest moon shot to Reena for influencing her on appreciating the moon and also on taking macro shots! hahaha! that's my latest moon shot above. if i'm not mistaken, it's the first quarter. thanks Reena !


  1. Always beautiful. Everytime I see a moon, I always think of you-- that somewhere a blogger friend is shooting this beautiful spectacle.

  2. Aww...naiiyak ata ako. :) Thanks Syel! Kamukha naman nung eclipse eh. Hahaha. So pwede narin. :)

    One of these, i will have a macro shot of the moon. hahaha.

  3. Nice! Ang ganda naman ng moon shot. Haven't tried yet taking pictures of the moon. Now that you've posted about it, masubukan nga :) Ano bang lens ang kailangan para dyan?

  4. Dennis glad to see you back! i am excited to see your future posts as i miss your eye-opening documentaries about Manila. and thanks a lot, i really do love the moon! :)

    Reena oh no! please don't cry! lol! tama, pagsamahin ba ang moon and macro?! hahaha! will wait for that!

    Nortehanon thanks for dropping by! try a faster shutter speed with max zoom of your lens (i'm using 50 -200 mm then crop the image). i just really really love the moon k'se :D

  5. What Dennis said is true to me too. Whenever I see the moon I was thinking if you're shooting it right about the time I was enjoying it's beauty.

    Hope all the glitches and hiccups will be resolved soon.

  6. That is a beautiiful shot of the moon! Well captured!

  7. saw the moon again tonight. and remembered this post. it really made my day. :)

  8. Reena so sweet! i've been taking a couple of moon shots again. yun lang visible sa sight ko for now :D


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