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Sunday, August 02, 2009

off to where?!

taken at Palawan Beach, Sentosa
i am so going to the beach!!!!! yay! will be leaving this afternoon and will be off until Thursday! i've been so looking forward to this for the past two weeks. i really need a change of environment for at least a few days. i can imagine myself chilling out under the sun while chugging beer! hahaha! so do you have any idea where am i going?! :D 

i was supposed to post this yesterday upon hearing the sad news. the whole country is mourning and the whole world empathizes with the loss of a woman. for the whole world, she symbolizes democracy and faith. but for me she  exemplifies what a wife and a mother is.


  1. makagawwa ng rin ng tribute post pa kay cory :)

  2. Yellow sunflower, that's a great idea for a tribute.

    Enjoy your chilling time. Weird, but I posted a beach image today too, coz unlike you beach going is simply a dream for me right now (weather is too cool despite the summer season).

  3. panjo hahaha! kakabalik ko lang. medyo pili muna ng pic to post! ambilis mo ah!

    maria that's the only yellow flower i have in my chest. just came back from vacation. will be posting yummy entries soon! :D

  4. nice sunflower! i'm sure cory will appreciate that. hehe. i waited 7 hours nga pala just to see her cortege.

    is that you in the pic? hehe..i hoipe you had fun at the beach.


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