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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Street Food [Penang]

vacation in Penang wouldn't be complete without trying their street food. i was never that of a picky eater and i do miss the street food in Manila so why not try the Malaysian ones? picture above is  cucur udang or prawn fritters. similar to "okoy" though. tough/crunchy on the outside but soft inside. it's deliciously dipped in chili sauce though. here are the other street foods that i have enjoyed;
pisang champada (fried chempedak). the fruit is like something in between jackfruit and durian. nope, i don't eat durian...yet. i still have to convince myself to eat durian in the near future as i am foreseeing that i will be 'forced' to eat it since i was able to try champada. the smell is like jackfruit but the texture is like durian. i didn't mind trying the fried one as it is covered in batter and was deep fried. wish me luck if i'll try durian. :D

 malaysian burger. i can't point out what is special about their street burger though i have to admit it was yummy! haha! my burger was of beef patty wrapped in scrambled egg. and they added coleslaw on the bun. sorry, i didn't take a picture of the burger itself as i immediately ate it. i became really hungry while watching them cook and prepare the food. haha!

pisang goreng (fried banana) somewhat similar to bananacue except that this one is just covered in batter and they used a different variety of banana. you will just really rely on the sweetness of the banana as the batter was bland. but nevertheless good as well. probably i was just used to eating bananacue which was really sweet since its sugar coated.
it was a good experience to try these street foods. i most especially love the cucur udang! but honestly, i must say i do really love food that's why!


  1. i love pisang goreng...pero meron ngang arnibal dapat! yay...tagal ko di nakavisit dito ngayon gutom ako lol.

  2. you are making me hungry; so this was more of a foodie trip :)

  3. kakagutom! They all look yummy! THe fried bananas look good to me, and they also have similar fried bananas here in Japan and they use different bananas too....the burger is like burger machine style hehehe with coleslaw kasi

  4. Giz , hahaha! medyo nawili taking food pics eh! mas gusto ko ung cucur udang. sarap!

    Maria way too obvious no?! sabi ko naman, this became a food trip for me as i had lots of food pics to share. :)

    Sardonyx hahaha, yeah, i suddenly remember the burger machine days!!!! oo nga no?! kaya siguro na-appreciate ko pa din! hahaha!


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