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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Penang (Food)


as promised, i am going to post pictures from my recent holiday. well, i have to be really honest. most of the pictures that i have taken are food. hahaha! well, it's been quite obvious that i love food and i can be quite adventurous too. but i am having a difficult time posting food photos as my mouth is faster than my camera. but for this trip, i tried my very best to capture the food first before eating them. heaven knows how difficult it is for me to restrain myself. hahaha!
the food above was my dinner during the first night. its hokkien hae mee (hokkien prawn noodles). vermicelli noodles, prawn, slices of pork, and boiled egg. the taste lies in the spicy yet prawny essence of the sauce. i had to specifically tell them to make it mild spicy. but this tastes really really good.

this one is the sar hor fan. flat noodles in thick seafood gravy sauce.  i've actually had this before leaving  although this one has the yummy smoky taste. probably because it is really slightly burnt. these food are from the hawker centre around Batu Ferringhi. we managed to polish these in a matter of ten minutes. talk about being hungry!  


  1. hmmmm really looks yummy!!! kakagutom naman! I haven't tried Malaysian food yet, parang Thai and Vietnamese food din pala

  2. Sarodonyx really really yummy to. although a little bit spicy lang. authentic peranakan food ikanga.

  3. Mukhang masarap ah. Penang is reach by land ba from S'pore?

  4. Maria definitely masarap! it can be reached by land, you have to go through the bridge but we chose by plane para mas mabilis. less than an hour lang. :)

  5. parang mukhang maanghang yung una ah. :) masarap ba? i dont have adventurous tastebuds e.


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