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Monday, August 10, 2009

rolls royce [Penang]

this is one of the official cars of the governor in Penang way back eons of years ago. i was really in awe while looking at the classic old school cars. we found this when we went to their museum in Georgetown.  three of them were actually parked at the garage beside the museum. i want to own a rolls royce too!!!


  1. In my dreams image lang ano? I don't think I've seen one with my own eyes yet.

  2. hmmm pretty interesting, I want to see the whole body hehehe how classic it is ba...

  3. Maria i didn't expect to see one there. super old school. but definitely ganda pa din.

    Sardz unfortunately i didn't have one with the whole body. kainis nga eh. medyo natulala na lang ako. hahaha!


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