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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kueh Pie Tee [Penang]

i know...i've been posting a couple of food entries since my visit to Penang. but i can't help myself as i've got a couple of food photos that i managed to shoot before my other hand is desperately trying to attack them. haha! the food above is kueh pie tee also called as Top Hats as the pie tees look like them. i've never tried them before and was happy to have had. too bad i can't find a hawker centre here that serves them. the filling for this are jicama, carrots, shallots and prawns. yumyum! don't ask me how fast i managed to polish them off. let's just say waiting for it to be prepared took a longer time rather than eating them :D.

               the last piece topped with chili sauce.


  1. that one is really tasty looking, parang healthy snack pa.

  2. very nice post.. i have added u in my blogroll.. hope u too will add me..

  3. Maria yup, really tasty and yummy! except for the pie tee which is deep fried, healthy snack nga yata! :D

    Vijay thank you! will add you too! :D


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