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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Assam Laksa and Kway Teow [Penang]

i'll be rounding up my Penang series with my last food photos. i've actually saved the best for last! :D food above is Assam Laksa. now, this is different from the traditional laksa that i've known here in Singapore. the laksa here has coconut milk, but this one has sour fish soup (reminds me of the taste of sinigang, :D). i really wouldn't mind eating this laksa everyday but sadly we're still searching for a good assam laksa here. 
that is char kway teow. still different from the usual ones served here. it's much tastier and white! :D both are actually really yummy worth the hassle we went through to buy them (we had to brave the heavy downpour to buy them). i will really miss these foods! (sorry, i couldn't make proper explanations about the ingredients of the food that's why i had to search for a good link about them). 
hope everyone became hungry with this last food post! hahaha!


  1. I'm commenting at 11:28 pm and I'm not supposed to be hungry, but I am. All your fault.

  2. Maria Hahaha! sorry, that's my last post for Penang series. really yummy and delicious!

  3. Wow gising k pa. Naamoy kita syel. Sarap naman. Kelan mo ko ilibre nyan.

  4. panjo sige, libre kita pero sagot mo pamasahe natin papuntang malaysia ha! hehehe!

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