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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

wizarding problems


trying my *cough* newest lens*cough* :D


i am having a problem posting entries, i can't seem to post properly as i can't see the usual format when composing. anyone having a problem like this? i'm getting frustrated, really. will try my very best to fix this whole thing. gggrrrr!!!!


  1. the glitch must be coming from shifting to this brand new template, which is ultra sleek.

    i haven't seen hp yet, what say you? will it be worth the 14 dollars that i will spend?

  2. Maria nope, i've been having the glitch since last week, that's why i didn't post for the past few days. i was just really frustrated that's why i decided to change the template. still not working properly. ggggrrr!

    yes, do watch hp!!!! just don't expect so much. :) will try to post about the movie later. :)

  3. hmm. so ano yung nasa picture? book ba yan or chocolate? hahaha... halata bang craving for chocolates? :D


  4. Reena it's a book. hahaha! sige try ko makapag post ng choc entry! :D


express yourself :D and a big thanks!!!!

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