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Sunday, May 03, 2009

cheer up


the best way to cheer yourself is to cheer somebody else up --- Mark Twain
i have thought of posting something for Sardonyx regarding the award/tag that she gave me. i've been thinking of doing this but i kept on forgetting (sorry, i'm really growing old :P). i had to find an apt quote that befits how i feel whenever i read her blog. reading her blog really never fails to bring a smile (and laughter) onto my face. thanks Sardonyx!


  1. wow thanks naman sa pag pa plug ng blog ko hahaha, oh I like your shot, kakainis ka talaga, kakainggit....teka ano nga pala ang parts ng flower? bigla ko naalala, stamen,pistil? hahaha kasi sa sobrang close-up nakita ko sina pistil at stamen eh, tama ba?

  2. hehe. i love her blog too. galing pa niyang magsulat. :)

  3. Sardonyx your welcome! aliw na aliw naman k'se ako talaga with your blog eh! ayan inis ka na naman! don't ask me about flower parts at nakalimutan ko na sila! hahaha!

    Reena yep, medyo tumatalas ang mapurol ko na yatang utak! hahaha!

  4. Galing ng perspective mo dito.

    I have only learned to appreciate the gumamela when I left Philippines.

  5. Maria ako din i just missed the gumamela when i saw a lot of them here. :D


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