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Friday, May 15, 2009

sky watch Friday #29


Sky Watch Friday again! found in my " treasure chest" of sunset shots. :D stunning and amazing sky photos around the world are up again! Have a great weekend everyone!
Spoiler: i couldn't help it, but i went to see "Angels and Demons" tonight. i can't wait for the weekend! hahaha! it's becoming a habit again for me to see movies on the first day of it's showing. i'll post about the movie later tonight. as for now, i need to go to sleep as it will be a very busy day at work. to my friend Reena , i love it!!!!!!


  1. Maybe you can tell me the combination to open your treasure chest so I can see what I can post for skywatch too :)

    I must baptize you, SUNSET DIVA. You rock the sunset shots.

  2. i'll watch the movie tomorrow pa eh. hehe. i'm excited na rin. :)

    nice photo, btw. hehe.

  3. There´s a view with angels on top of the clouds and demons hiding behind the clouds.

  4. Look like the sky is on fire!

  5. Very rich orangy colours. Truely a treasure piece.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Alex's World! -

  6. WOW !!

    That is stunning ... love the colours..

  7. Wow na naman! I like the warm colors, look like a fire and then blended by gray and black....hmmm amazing shot! Until now I haven't tried sunset shots, malamig pa kasi dito I can't walk to take photos, one of these days I will try one hahaha and I hope it would not be a drive by shot.

  8. Tremendous shot, like something out of a vlcano.

  9. Beautiful! The colors are amazing!

  10. Stunning colors! BTW, we saw Angels and Demons too, after work. It is a good movie, and we paid matinee price.


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