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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

chocolate mille crepe cake


we've been eyeing to try and eat the mille crepe cakes from the cake shop next to our school but haven't gotten the chance since it's a little expensive compared to our heavenly indulgence of ice cream. and just today, me and my food buddies, decided to just sit down and try the cakes. oh! so heavenly! i can't do justice with the photos but it is definitely heaven when we tried the cakes. i had the chocolate mille crepe and my buddies had the plain mille crepe. i finished off the whole slice and about a quarter of the slice of my food buddy (hahaha! super takaw!).
one bad side effect though, after eating the cake, i guess we had a little too much of it that we had headaches. so i had to check what are the basic ingredients for this heavenly cake. probably it's a little too much of eggs, butter and sugar. here's the article that i found in the internet.
original mille crepe and chocolate mille crepe.
i have realised i can't be a food blogger...a food blogger needs to be patient and be prepared to have the food eaten a little later than the usual. it took an incredible amount of effort for me to take pictures of the cakes before actually attacking them! hahaha!


  1. exactly the reason why i hardly have any food photos in my blog. the camera is slower than my mouth.

    it does look like a good treat for a job well done. i would have paired it with a good wine to cut down the richness of the ingredients.

  2. hmmm yummy!! I haven't tried that cake yet, di kasi ako masyadong mahilig sa cake baka lalo kasi akong tumaba hahaha but I like the close-up shot....lagi naman eh hehehe

  3. hmmm. that looks super yummy nga! :)

    i can't be a food blogger too. nahihiya kasi ako kumuha ng pictures ng food. hahaha... and i eat them before realizing i need pictures first. :)

  4. Wow kagutom naman yan syel. Anyway, ganda ng shots. You are very qualified to be a food blogger. Okay nga yung may bawas na para masabing talagang di ka naka-resist bago i-photograph heheheh

  5. Maria same sentiments. when it comes to food i can't help myself. there isn't any wine available, the next best thing that i had since it was too rich was to order for coke! hah! not a good idea too!

    Sardonyx go try!!! promise it's worth it but i suggest you have someone to share the slice with. super rich, kasakit sa ulo talaga!

    Reena hindi lang looks, super sarap nga. ang problem ko lang talaga my brain would signal my hand to put the food straight to my mouth rather than to take pictures. lol!

    Dennis thanks! mahirap kumuha ng pictures talaga when it comes to food. bago ko maalala to take pictures konti na lang natitira! hahaha!

  6. hihi... where can i find this shop??? Is it found in Singapore??

  7. hi hungrish ! it's at classic cakes, clementi arcade, sunset way :)


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