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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

from within


one of my fave flower shots. taken last year on our trip to borobudur, indonesia.
i still haven't written anything about angels and demons. all that i can tell is that, i liked the movie, because i like tom hanks and ewan mcgregor. i also have this weird habit of watching a movie adaptation first before reading the novel (i did that with da vinci code), and because of that i couldn't pinpoint what's missing from the novel. it's impressive for me because they were able to replicate the whole vatican city since they can't film there. i'm also impressed with the special effects they had, though less "gory" than the previous film. :D next in line, terminator:salvation. one week to go! :D


  1. Stunning shot. I love the colours and clarity of this shot. A perfect close up.

    Alex's World! -

  2. what flower is that??? nice shot; I can't wait to watch angels and demons but my daughter wants to finish the book first before weatching the movie (kakainis)...and anyways wala pa naman dito yun movie laging late sa loob ng base pero sa mall meron na kaso mahal hahaha

  3. hi Alex ! thanks for the visit!

    Sardonyx lotus yata. hahaha! i wonder kelan ipapalabas ang A&D jan. far cry daw from book (i still haven't read the book) pero i'm quite satisfied with the movie. enjoy watching!

  4. ang ganda naman nito. bakit parang ang liwanag nya? may lighting effect ba? feeling ko si buddha bigla nlng lalabas mula sa flower na yan. diba ganun ung story ni buddha? hehe.. anyway, nice shot! i like purple pa naman...or is this lilac?


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