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Sunday, May 10, 2009

wind beneath my wings...


thank you!!! words are not enough to express how fortunate and grateful i am for being your daughter! :)
to my blogger mum friends happy mother's day!!!! you all deserve a big hug and kiss! for you have the toughest job in the world! to my single friends, please tell your mom thank you and happy mothers day. i am thankful to them for without them, i wouldn't have met all of you!!!! and to the future moms, happy mothers day too!
our pre-mother's day activity for the tots. we provided them the flowers, oasis and the tag. they picked and poked the flowers in the oasis.


  1. Ang cute ng picture and I like the colors :-) Salamat sa bati, sana ikaw din...maging nanay na hehehe (wala pa ba??)

  2. and oasis means????? hehehhe.

    happy mother's day to your mom! hmmm...malamang ako ay kabilang sa "single friends" mo and sa "future mothers" hahahah...pero bibilang pa ako ng taon. :)

  3. Very nice tribute. I think I'm the only one who's not doing a Mom's day post hehehe :(

  4. Sardonyx hahaha! super tagal pa! sabagay para na din ako'ng nanay sa nature ng work ko. at wala pa din ako'ng balak! lol!

    Reena thanks! oasis k'se tawag nila dun sa foam for flowers eh, ung horticulturist foam yata. baka naman next year future ka na! hehehe!

    Maria thanks! dami mo k'se pics to post eh! :D

  5. good news! lucrecio is making a blog na daw. hahaha...


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