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Thursday, February 19, 2009



this was the bud from my blog entry about the mimosa pudica (makahiya). i went back the other day and it has bloomed so i took the picture of the flower.
i had an early entry for sky watch. i thought it was Thursday and was so excited to post until i have just realised that it was just Wednesday!


  1. truly amazing photography... i love your sky too... :)

  2. Here the call it the TickleMe Plant and you can grow it from seeds indoors and kits you get at
    You can even get it to flower indoors

  3. beautifully taken, sis! ang ganda! very detailed ang texture! and i didnt even know makahiya flowers go blooming this beautifully!

  4. mikky thanks for dropping by. :D

    Doc thanks! sobrang nagandahan nga ako. ambilis magbloom. k'se the next day yan na kaagad eh from the bud that i took.

  5. hmm...parang i wrote a comment here na, pero nawala...hehehe...

    i think i said somethinglike the flower looks like an explosion similar to the big bang theory. :)

    i like the term "tickle me" plant. para sa mga sosi na naglalaro ng makahiya plant. hehe

  6. Reena , nope i haven't received a comment, na lost in space yata.

    oo nga, parang big burst na girly (dahil pink! hehehe!).

    parang kinikiliti naman ako sa tickleme plant na name. hahaha!


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