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Thursday, February 12, 2009

mini buddhas


taken at the 5th floor of the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum (nope, haven't been back there yet). these mini buddha figures adorned the four walls of the top most temple. the lighting was so dim that i had to use flash and yet diffuse it for the the buddhas not to be blown out. these figures are about an inch and a half tall. i also didn't realise that they were tarnished until i have uploaded them.


  1. i'll ask again sana why it was called a tooth relic temple pero pinangunahan mo na agad ha. :)

    really these are that small? as in thumb-sized lang? cute! although i personally don't like small relics or figurines sa house kasi it's clutter to my eyes. hehehe.

    nice pics, as usual. i'll ask sana how you do it, but hwag nlng. i'll be bombarded with jargons again. :)

  2. Reena hahaha! alam ko magtatanong ka eh! lol!

    yup, very small sila, andami talaga, around one thousand or more siguro. i don't like figurines din pero it would depend kung toy collectibles. hehehe

    thanks. try mo macro setting ng camera mo :D

  3. We didn't go in when we went to Singapore. Sayang no time na kasi.

  4. Maria they have an orchid garden at the roof top. sayang it was really dark when i went up kaya i really plan to visit there again.


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