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Saturday, February 07, 2009

in black and white


for the nth time, i am posting another moon shot. i know it may seem tiring and boring because most of the time it's still the same moon phase that i have although with different dates or months. i was actually eyeing the first quarter but then it seems like it doesn't want to have it's picture taken as it's always covered whenever i look out at night. probably by the time it has cleared up i am already in front of the laptop screen or playing. this is what i have seen tonight so i just grabbed my trusty camera and shoot away. i'll try to watch for the last quarter in the coming days so i would have at least a different phase of the moon, although i still love this shot (in fact, i love all my moon shots! hehehe! love your own eh!). i just converted it to black and white so it will look a bit different from my last moon shot :D
happy moon watching! :D


  1. there is an eclipse tonight!!! i hope you get this sg on time. :)

  2. arghhh! too late ko na nabasa! i went outside and saw nothing. huhuhu!


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