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Monday, February 23, 2009



macro post again! :D and testing techniques for post-processing too! :D
was tagged by Reena about 25 Random Things about myself. i'm not really into this stuff though why not give it a try.
1. i am collecting 100 die cast yellow cars. the one in the photo is my lucky charm and is always with me, the rest are at home. currently i have 45 yellow cars (and counting). i also collect hummers, ferrari's and beetles (depending on my type).
2. i've become addicted to shooting pictures for a year and a half, was just envious with a friend that's why i tried :D
3. i'm a stalker, uhm, researcher :D i'm good at researching stuffs.
4. i am a little bit of a gadget person. (i have 3 cams, 1 ds, 1 ipod, and a laptop). i try to keep myself updated with the latest gadget.
5. i am a fan and addicted to prison break (i have watched and almost memorized the whole series)
6. i'm a frustrated artist, i love to draw
7 i used to be a Sped teacher, then an N1 teacher, now, i am a playgroup teacher (i teach 6 months - 2 and a half year old tots)
8. i play the guitar with nursery songs (i am not a singer though).
9. i'm a fan of anime (rorouni kenshin, death note, monster, etc) but not a fan of Naruto :D
10. i'm a sucker for jdoramas, taiwanese and korean soaps (depending on the story)
11. i would like to live or work in Japan (gadgets and anime galore)
12. i want to travel, travel, travel (malapit na 'ko maburn-out)
13. i'm a couch potato :D
14. i have a very big appetite ( i love food!)
15. i've learnt how to swim just a year ago.
16. i'm a graduate of psychology (i give free counseling services! hahaha!)
17. i love reading anything
18. i have a selective memory (i can remember insignificant stuffs but will have a difficulty remembering significant ones)
19. i am a very moody person :D
20. i'm a lolo and lola's pet :D
21. i've been away from my family for almost two years (i stayed a year in jakarta and now in Singapore)
22. i can cook but i hate baking
23 i collect junks (receipts, candy wrappers, etc)
24. i am an only child
25. i'm a woman but i think like a man (according to my co-teacher)
there's my 25 random things. it's difficult to think about these stuff! :D


  1. I was just telling my husband the next car I want to own is a yellow one because I like the color.

    Anyway, I too am a psych grad. But I am no tech/gadget geek/lover.

  2. yey! may 25 random things na sya! :)

    i want to view the mirror sa car up close. bka makita ko hitsura mo. hehe. pero galing ng car ha. so ikaw nag-paint nyan?

    ang dami pala nating pagkakaiba!hahha. mahilig ka kasi sa mga toys and animeish art. :)

    # 3. but i'm a a stalker too. i meant a good researcher. hehe

    # 16. pwede ba magpa-psych? so am i neurotic? haha. really, what can yo say about me by just reading my blog?

    #22. ako baliktad. i can bake, but not cook.

    #24. yep base on your things, sabi na nga ba you're an only child. :)

    take care! it's good to know more about you. hehe...madali lnag naman, diba? sounds like nahirapan ka eh. hehe

  3. Maria, i love yellow cars. they look awesome on the road.

    you're a psych din pala :D nagkataon lang that i love technology :)

    Reena interested ka to see my face?! hahaha! nope, yellow car (hummer) sya talaga.

    halata that you're a stalker este researcher. hahaha! no comment if you're a neurotic! obvious ba na only child?! hehehe!

    it was a bit difficult, nag-work brain ko for that. hahaha! ang hirap talaga. :D

  4. hi!

    i read "the road less travelled" when i have nothing to read. i'm still on chapter on love. haha. anyway, i wondered kasi if i have neurosis. hahaha...though my friend who took psych said i'm not. pero malakas kutob ko that i am neurotic!

    hula ko lang dati na only child ka. :) basta, you have certain characteristics as my friend na unica hija din eh..


express yourself :D and a big thanks!!!!

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