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Saturday, February 28, 2009

sunset after the rainbow


this was the sunset at the other end of the building after my rainbow shot. it was all a lovely mixture of colours in the sky. would you blame me if i forget that i'm still in my pj's while taking this one? (i actually had to snap a couple of pictures as i feel like i need the perfect moment for this sunset shot, although i am not really sure when is the "perfect one" and if this is the perfect one too! lol!) this was the sunset and it was still drizzling outside. i would never mind if i look like a mess (i went to the loo after these shots, and i quite look horrible! kakahiya) just to get a picture of this.


Reena gave me an award on her post. it's a passionate award/tag at the same time. i really appreciate the award as it is something about being passionate (in the respective arts, not in other stuff :D). i never notice that i look that passionate in what i'm doing (i see more of myself as an addict! hehehe!). thanks Reena!

and since it's your Mom's birthday as well, i'm dedicating this sunset shot for the both of you. tell your mom happy birthday! :D


  1. grabe ang kapal ng ulap ha. kala ko may tornado or something. :) salamat sa pagdedicate ng skywatch mo sa mom ko and sa akin.

    oo, you deserve that award. kaw lang kilala kong nagpi-picture na naka-pjs. hehe.

  2. amazing shot. nothing that my little point and shoot can take. i love it.


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