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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

somewhere over the....


i got this picture at 7 pm tonight. my first successful rainbow shot (yay!). it's actually two rainbows but as you can see the one at the top is fading. it has been a crazy weather for the past few days. it would be really hot and sunny in the morning and then wet and rainy in the afternoon. there's a funny story behind this. i was actually sleeping in my room when ate d who had just arrived home told me if i want to see rainbows. i immediately got up, took my camera and happily snap pictures. later did i realise after about a couple of minutes that i was on my sleeping gear and i practically look like a mess (hahaha!). but then i was just too engrossed with the view of the rainbow.

it's Ash Wednesday today. we attended the 8 pm mass and had of course ash on our foreheads. one funny thing that i forgot is that we're not in the Philippines, so while we're on the bus way home, a couple of people are staring at our foreheads, i know they were wondering why is it that our foreheads are dirty. :)


  1. great shot. i will go to the 7 pm service tonite after work; but here at our work they provide ash for anybody who needs it.

  2. haha. kakatawa ka tlga. naka-pj's ka habang kumukuha ng pics? baka naka-nighties ka pa nyan ha. hahha...naiimagine ko na. pero siguro sanay na neighbors mo sayo...

    galing, two rainbows! matagal na akong ndi nakakakita ng rainbow. or ndi ko lang napapansin...

    ano ba major religion sa singapore? anyway, naalala ko when we heard mass there. diba parang nakahiwalay yung maiingay na bata? hehe. un lang...

  3. Maria thanks. had to attend the mass din k'se. start na ng lent...

    Reena di naman nighties. pj's pero...basta kakahiya. hahaha! buti na lang nasa loob ng bahay ang neighbors kundi baka na-eskandalo sila. hahaha!

    since four races dito sa singapore. most of them are either Muslims or Buddhist, di pa gaano ang catholics although madami na din namang catholic church dito. unaware lang talaga sila minsan. same din naman if they have their celebration that we as catholics are not used to. speaking of bata, napaligiran nila ako sa church, so imagine ang mga crayola moments during mass.

  4. This is incredible for your first rainbow ans a double too.

  5. Babooshka , thank you. was just really lucky about these rainbows. cheers! :)

  6. Babooshka , thank you. was just really lucky about these rainbows. cheers! :)


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