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Sunday, February 08, 2009

ready for battle


my game console and trunks. i was figuring out on a better way to snap a picture of my ds until i stumbled upon trunks. this is one toy that i never had regrets purchasing. unlike some friends who owns it's rival, i am very much entertained with this toy. others would say it's just for kids but seriously it's not. i love all the games that i have played with this toy (ace attorney series, professor layton, pokemon diamond, TWEWY). and of course i have the mario game too (although i suck in the game due to my poor eye-hand coordination) :P. what i really like about this console is the use of stylus which makes it nicer than it's rival. it may not have excellent graphics but if you're in for entertainment and games, it's not a waste of money.
note: i am excited because Dragonball Evolution will be released in March. although the story is all about the piccolo saga and most of the well known characters are not here (vegeta, et al), i'd surely catch this on the big screen. i'd have to mark my calendar then! :D


  1. i can't relate. hehe. but i used to play diablo and counter strike sa computer back in college. i actually got addicted to diablo. :)

  2. was never addicted to counter strike or diablo or any online games way back in college. ngayon lang ako nain-love sa mga games. hehehe!

  3. ahaha ang cute ni Trunks! Hubby introduced me to Diablo and all those games, but now I dont play them na...I can play wii games and some psp games (locoroco, downstream panic etc) pero time ang kalaban! konting konti! lol.

  4. giz thanks! mahirap talagang kalaban ang time. istorbo ang work pag naglalaro eh! :D


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