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Sunday, February 22, 2009

look at me bloom...


still in my macro practice mode. i am trying my very best to do manual focusing of the lens. and since i am limited to how near i can get to this tiny tiny tiny flower, i had to do a cropping of this. and it's still found in between the building and the sidewalk (me and my weird pose!). i can't help but be amazed of the details of this flower about to bloom. ganda ganda! (love your work ulit! hehehe!)
posting this in lieu of my lolo's birthday....if he's alive it'll be his 82nd birthday. i'm a wee bit of a lolo's girl because i grew up with them (and my lola). offered a prayer for him today and had a chat with my lola too. i hope he's quite happy with whatever it is i am doing these days. miss you lolo!


  1. You could read all kinds of symbolism into this shot. Really wonderful!

  2. sorry to hear about your lolo. :) but you at least still have your lola.

    the photo suits your explanation. you are connected with your grandparents just like the flower's stems :)

    i tagged you nga pala.

  3. Mojo thank you, i was really fascinated with the flower but yes, it symbolizes a lot of stuff. :)

    Reena matagal na deceased lolo ko, actually going ten years na. lolo's girl nga lang ata talaga ako. :D


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