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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

what are you looking at???


i caught this terrapin while sunbathing outside :D. while his other friends are cooling by the water, he is happily bumming around the red bed. i really find him so cute so i took snapshots of him. i actually didn't realise that he was already looking at me. probably he was pissed off because i am disturbing his resting time. :D in all seriousness, it's from the class for the drop-off. they are having pets for their themes. they also have a hamster in class. but i find the terrapins really really cute. look at him just chilling out :D

Although sometimes superficially similar to sea turtles in shape, having webbed feet and thinner shells than fully terrestrial tortoises, terrapins do not belong to the sea turtle superfamily Chelonioidea. In British English, the species most commonly referred to as terrapins are members of the family Emydidae including the red-eared slider Trachemys scripta elegans and the slider terrapin Trachemys dorbignyi.[2] Perhaps confusingly, although the genus to which the box turtles belong, Terrapene, sounds similar to the word terrapin, these turtles are not normally called terrapins. got this info from wikipedia.


  1. whoa...nice touch on the research ha. :) very scientific!! heheh

    aww. they're so cute nga. mukha na nga syang galit sayo eh. hahaha. look at his eyes. parang gusto ka na nyang sungaban. hehe...

  2. parang di totoo, parang laruan lang sya. ang cute.

  3. Reena thanks! hay, nabwisit siguro sken dahil sa kakulitan ko na kodakan sya. hehehe!

    Maria akala din ng kids it's a toy kaya kawawa sila pag nadadampot bigla.


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