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Sunday, February 15, 2009



since it was valentines yesterday, i much figured out that i need to post a flower photo. too bad that i had to reformat my card and with my carelessness of not saving the last batch of pictures, i had to look for a flower last minute. :D actually this is a flower from the grass (or of the grass?!). a mini size again, about a millimeter in diameter. i was trying to use the manual focus of the lens and viewing it via optical viewfinder (hindi pwede ang lcd eh). can you imagine how do i look while trying to take a picture of it? and to make matters a little bit weird is that i took this in front of the building where i work near the road. me and my little piece of happiness! :D


  1. hahaha. ano nga kaya itsura mo while taking the photo. siguro nawindang yung mga nakakita sayo. :)

    i like the flower. galing. hidn ko iisipin na ganun lang siya kaliit. :)

  2. naka-squat at super yuko habang sumisipat! hahaha! mid day naman kaya walang naglalakad although merong mga kotseng dumadaan :D

  3. aha! You have a new cam na pala!!! I like the dof of your shots...ulitin ko, you have an all new style now! Bravo!

    sali ka sa litratong pinoy pala if you have time to spare :D Last time lila ang theme...this week "Tipanan"

  4. giz hehehe. gift ko for myself. thanks...galing nyo magturo eh!

    try ko mag-join sa LP, problem ko lang talaga pag may theme k'se minsan di ako makaisip at alang pic eh. :D


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